Formulated Specifically for Industrial & Municipal Wastewater Treatment

Ecological Laboratories, Microbe-Lift bio-technology products are the ideal choice to improve wastewater treatment processes. Our formulation’s superior capabilities are proven to breakdown waste, reduce toxic and corrosive gases, and significantly reduce sludge, MICROBE-LIFT drives down costs, increases operational efficiency, and assists in the achievement of regulatory compliance. The unique consortium of microbes in MICROBE-LIFT combine with indigenous populations to provide a bio-system that enhances the natural elemental cycles responsible for processing wastewater in a wide variety of systems.  MICROBE-LIFT enhances biomass efficiency and stability in wastewater treatment systems with bio-technology designed to breakdown, oxidize and remove difficult to degrade waste.

Ecological Laboratories Inc. with over 40 years experience in the enhancement of environmental processes, MICROBE-LIFT products are the most cost effective means for treating large volumes of water for the removal of dissolved organics.


Formulated Specifically for Industrial & Municipal Wastewater Treatment*

Activated Sludge System, Deutsch Wagram, Austria*

• Sludge Reduction of 34% - Savings of $130,000 in Sludge Handling

• Improved Condition of Headworks via Reduction in FOGs

• Significant Odor Reduction

Collection Systems Problems Solved*

It should be noted the treatment and accompanying results of all of the lines pictured, was introduced into one manhole 700 feet from the lift station. The line was treated once per week in this location.  All this was done with 10 gallons of Microbe Lift IND


MICROBE-LIFT IND a highly active liquid culture consortium designed specifically for use in practically all environmental applications. IND select cultures promote increased biological degradation capabilities in all types of designs of biological wastewater systems, open lagoon and polluted environments. IND consortium is every effective in degrading hard to degrade compounds such as fatty acids, various chemical compounds, hydrocarbons and fibrous matters that indigenous bacteria often unable to degrade them, hence result in system performance deficiency;

Wastewater Treatment of Poultry Plant, Karak Jordan*


• Reduce odors problematic to plant personnel and area residents

• Improve effluent parameters that were significantly out of control

• Eliminate 6.5” floating sludge layer in containment tank


• Effluent parameters improved significantly in the first month

• Odor reduced after one week

• Odor eliminated after two weeks

• The floating layer of sludge virtually disappeared in the first two months

• MICROBE/LIFT Technology was effective in reducing all wastewater parameters

• All parameters were reduced by 90-100% compared to pre-treatment levels

* The above stated results were achieved with Microbe-Lift Technology Products via the formulation, manufacture, and in-filed and laboratory technical support provided by Ecological Laboratories Inc. Cape Coral, Florida, and their worldwide associates.

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