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• Digestion & Recycling of Organic Wastes

Housing Development , Jacksonville Beach, FL*

Background: Sanctuary housing area was developed in the early 1990’s along the inter-coastal waterway. This development had a 2-acre pond surrounded by homes that are 10 to 15 feet away from the edge of the pond and pollution was a problem. At this point there was active construction on the last phase of the housing development. The primary points of pollution are fertilizer run-off and grass clippings from lawn care companies, debris from neighborhood trees, dust blowing into the pond from the construction site and fill material leaching into the pond through the silt fence from the construction site. In search alternative remediation technology, the management company discovered MICROBE-LIFT technology.

Results achieved: The pond treatment was initiated in April 2007. The pond has not had one fish kill since initiation of treatment. Approximately 85% of the algae was gone by August and 95% was gone by October. Less than 5% of the algae remained. Continued maintenance dosage will improve water clarity as construction activity continues and supplies dust and run-off to the pond. Additionally, as the pond goes through a turbidity causing inversion during cold weather the maintenance dosage will help restore and maintain water clarity.

* The above stated results were achieved with Microbe-Lift Technology Products via the formulation, manufacture, and in-filed and laboratory technical support provided by Ecological Laboratories Inc. Cape Coral, Florida, and their worldwide associates.

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